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th the desire which was charac▓teristic of him to get at the bottom f

acts, he ▓went directly to the office of the clerk?/p>

?of the Circuit Court. I want to v

Etiam posuere augue

▓erify some dates in connection with that V●anderburg divorce case, he

said, to the lo●unging official in charge.Would it

b▓e possible for me to look at the recor

Fusce ultrices fringilla

d ● I have the papers right here,● as it happens, the clerk answer

ed.▓Curious you should call for them.I made ●a tra

nscript of that case for W●arren Fu

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llerton a week or two a●go. Did you, really Lyon exclaimed in

s●urprise.What did he want it for▓ Dunno.He was

Mrs.Vanderburg's atto●rney, you know.


I didn't● remember, said Lyon thoughtfully.It w▓as beginning to look interest▓ing.There was, then, an established relati▓on of some sort between Mrs.Broughton ▓and Fullerton.Just what did it me●an He felt that he was on ●the way to finding out when he reached his ▓rooms that evening, for he found awaitin▓g him a special delivery letter containing ▓the following somewhat imperiously worded inv▓itation: Mrs.Woods Broughton will be gr▓eatly indebted to Mr.Percy Lyon if he can ▓call upon her this evening.She appreciate●s his courtesy in respecting her wi▓sh that her visit should not be mad●e a matter of public gossip.He will ●add to h

er obligations by giving her an


  • oppor●tunity for a personal interview. ▓ Lyon got into his evening clothes w●ith a jubilation that does not always ac▓company an

  • evening call.He felt that the fa▓tes were playing into his hands. CHAP▓TER VII Lyon was evidently expected, for he● was conduc

  • ted at once to the rooms which ●had been closed to him in the a●fternoon, and there he found● Mrs.Broughton awaiting him.He was pr?/p>

  • 馿pared to be interested in the woman whose st●ory had so curiously touched his own experienc●es, but when he came into her presence

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